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Title How fast time goes by! It’s already 9 months. I upload my post about the 9th month after the surgery.
Date 2015-05-11 Author Cho Mi Young
Surgery Double Eyelid (Incision) + Epicanthoplasty + Rhinoplasty Hits 1,008

It feels like it was yesterday that I was stressed out with my flat nose and small eyes.

But it’s been already 9 months since I had the surgery.



As time has passed, I feel it has almost recovered.

I don’t feel awkward or discomfort with it at all in my daily life.



Oh! I know someone who had nose surgery. She has a scar from it.

But I have no scar at all and it looks perfectly natural.

I feel somewhat great about it.   





Epicanthoplasty didn't leave any trace of scar and rather it made eye lines that

I always wanted. I love them.



Lately, I feel very often relieved that I didn’t ask a doctor to get them wider.

They are perfect now. Maybe because I had Epicanthoplasty with Double Eyelid,

my eyes look bigger and become what I wanted them to be.

I am always happy with the good result.



And I feel I have looked quite changed these days.

My friends also tell me that the surgery was best done on me. They envy me.

I am satisfied and even my friends envy me...I am full of self-confidence now!

It was really a good and right decision to go to GIO PLASTIC SURGERY.

Just with a face, I can be confident and I am often heard I am pretty.

Of course, I am more popular than before.  






I feel like only something good will happen to me...

In pride, I can tell my friends where I had the plastic surgery.



Some of my friends are already expecting they will go see a doctor in GIO for plastic surgery.

I think it is great that GIO takes care of me for everything in the clinic.

I spend every day, feeling I am getting prettier as time goes by. 




What do you think me before and after the surgery?

Don’t you think for sure that it was a good decision for me to go to GIO, do you?

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