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Title It’s been 9 months since I got surgery on my nose tip, end and bulb.
Date 2015-05-11 Author Lee Jin
Surgery Rhinoplasty (Nasal Dorsum (column), Nasal Tip and Nasal Ala (Bulb)) Hits 984




This pictures were taken before I got rhinoplasty in GIO.

I’d rather delete these pictures of mine now, ha ha!

The pictures below are ones that I myself took from 7th month of my surgery.










It has already been 9 months since the surgery. How fast time flies!

I come back to upload my posts along after the last one.


Before the surgery, I had the ugliest one of the ugliest noses,

but who knows I can have such a pretty nose like now?

GIO elevated my nose column 4 mm with silicon, nose tip with my ear cartilage and narrowed

the wide nose bulbs.

I can definitely feel I get prettier after the surgery,

so I feel like having another plastic surgery in GIO.     


I was extremely nervous and worried before the surgery. My legs even shook.

Now those memories are all gone and rather covered with happiness now for the satisfactory result. I am thinking to have another surgery in GIO. 

I don’t fear it anymore and get greedier, seeing my prettier face...

Nowadays, I have taken a lot of pictures of my face because all turn out pretty no matter what angles I take them at.


Today, I will upload the best of the best picture of mine I have taken so far.

What is best with my rhinoplastic surgery is that it got me confidence back in my natural face!

My friends tell me that I am the most successful case of rhinoplastic surgery though they used to say to me that face never looks different unless it has many surgeries.

I had only one surgery but apparently my face turned pretty.  

I used to take pictures of my front face because I thought it looked prettier than my face in profile. After the surgery I tend to take more pictures of my side face.


I used to have my face taken a picture when I covered part of it or lowered it.

Now, never, ever!  

Ah! And nothing much changed to my face after swelling in my face has gone down and

I feel the face outline is settling down more naturally. 

I can feel that I look much more natural than before.

I thought I would have only rhinoplastic surgery because my nose was complex.

But now... I get greedier and greedier.

It makes me crazy...

How fickle a human mind!  


I really thank the doctor who made my nose so naturally pretty.

I wonder what it could be to be ‘born again’ but now I live feeling it. Thank you for all, GIO.


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